Borders Equine Mobile Horse Only Veterinarian Services

Serving the Greater Treasure Valley locations of Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Star, Middleton, Caldwell, Emmett, Greenleaf, Wilder, Homedale, Marsing, Parma, Melba, Kuna and Murphy

Full Service Horse Veterinarian

We know that horses don’’t always pick the most convenient times to become ill or injured. When you need emergency services please schedule a appointment by calling 208-989-0359

Digital X-Rays

We offer the latest in diagnostic imaging techniques including a digital, direct capture radiography system. This system lets us take radio graphs (x rays) in the field, and show you the resulting images within seconds, allowing us to immediately begin to outline and implement a treatment plan. We also offer diagnostic ultrasound for use in tendon and ligament imaging as well as reproductive ultrasound scans.

Total Wellness

Colics, respiratory disease, ophthalmic conditions and metabolic problems all require a complete exam and work-up to diagnose and treat properly. We take great satisfaction in unraveling the sometimes complex issues surrounding your horse’s illness. From a thourogh examination to a wide veriety of lab work, we have the tools to address a wide variety of diseases.


Many uncomplicated surgeries can be safely performed at your location. Geldings, hernia repairs and laceration repairs are some of the common issues we address on farm. We can also help you assess more unusual problems to determine whether they can be immediately repaired or would be better sent to a referral institution.


Lameness evaluation is one of the areas where we enjoy making the horse/rider relationship better. Whether you have a high level performance horse or a pleasure companion, we take pride in performing a comprehensive lameness exam for diagnosis and proper treatment of the problem. We have both digital radiography (x-ray) and ultrasound to help with diagnoses.


Whatever age or performance level your horse is, routine dental care is critical to their well being. Regular dental work and exams give us the opportunity to detect any abnormalities in the mouth as we strive to improve the relationship between horse and rider. We use advanced dental techniques and equipment, which reduces procedural time and minimizes trauma to the horse. This makes it an easier experience for everyone. We use sedation to insure your horses’ safety and comfort and a full mouth speculum with adequate lighting to fully examine and treat the entire mouth. By reducing pain and discomfort associated with dental issues, we can help you and your horse to reach your goals whatever they may be.

Preventive Medicine

It is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A good preventative medicine program is vital to the overall health of our equine friends. The basics of such a program include vaccination, routine deworming, and routine dentistry. The first part of the program is vaccination. Mobile Veterinary Services recommends twice yearly vaccinations for horses on the Front Range. The second part of the program is routine deworming or fecal egg counts. We offer both services as well as consultations to decide what program is the right one for you and your horse. The third aspect of this program is dentistry. Dental checkups are essential for horses. We believe in quality routine dental care as an essential part of preventive medicine.